This is where you belong

Wherever your CANNA One takes you, you arrive in style – with no noise and zero-emissions. You instantly connect to your surroundings with all your senses. You feel welcomed everywhere – like a long-awaited friend.

With a minimalist retro design, your CANNA One fits perfectly into any environment. Powered by a maintenance-free electric engine, its light and durable hull steers easily. State-of-the-art LFP batteries allow you to enjoy the experience for the whole day. Simply recharge them at any marina.

In your CANNA One boat, you belong everywhere. You are a refreshingly new, eco-aware water adventurer – a true boating gentleman – confidently and responsibly living your passion.


  • 5.50 m long and 1.94 m wide, with 0.51 m draft
  • accommodates 5 passengers / 650 kg
  • electric engine – silent and maintenance-free performance
  • low-voltage Li-Ion batteries – safe installation and operation
  • corrosion and abrasion-resistant, lightweight hull

Take only memories, leave only a disappearing wake.

Canna Boats: Steeped in tradition – boating future visionaries.

Led by our founder Janusz Kutkowski, we’ve created CANNA One with expertise and attention to detail. Drawing on a rich Polish tradition of boat and yacht building, CANNA One blends cutting-edge technology with functionality. Inspired by a 1950s feel, it embodies elegance and a positive outlook on the future.

Ecology, efficiency and enjoyment are the DNA of Canna Boats.

CANNA One gives you a sustainable, effortless and immersive boating experience. It is environmentally friendly and user-friendly. Sophisticated, reliable and accessible. It gives you the freedom to truly appreciate your journey, surroundings and companions.

Are you ready for your new adventure?

Step into CANNA One – step into your future!

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