CANNA One is an innovative, environmentally friendly boat. Its hull is made of flax fibre reinforced composites and biobased resins. NFC stands for Natural Fibre Composites, and its innovation is an alternative to traditional composite structures made of glass fibre reinforced polyesters with comparable characteristics. Most of the materials used to produce CANNA One are completely recyclable, and the CO2 footprint will be minimised.

The integrated electric drive powered by lightweight batteries doesn’t generate pollution during its operation and gives an excellent and silent experience. It is in constant readiness for operation. After switching on, it reaches maximum torque.


We are building a strong, recognisable brand that will change the yacht and motorboat industry. With the CANNA One runaboat, we are taking steps towards a positive, ecological change by reducing noise levels, exhaust emissions or the amount of waste.

We are implementing our plans on the basis of a growing emphasis on the use of zero-emission solutions in the field of transport and leisure as well as the increasing demand for modern recreational boats.

Here are our allies:

  • ever-increasing technological development in the field of electrical engines and batteries, characterised by very high performance;
  • fast evolution of Natural Fibre Composites – an innovative alternative to traditional glass fibre polyesters;
  • constant changes and more and more restrictive regulations on pollutant emissions.


CANNA One boat is for extraordinary people. It all depends on your needs. If you live by a lake, sea etc. and need transportation – CANNA One is for you. Do you take part in sport or tourism? Develop your passion with CANNA One!

Or maybe it’s just nice to have it? Our boat is the golden answer between practicality and fun in a classic, prestigious form.

We can still experience emotions in the “old style” while enjoying unconventional, innovative solutions. Ecological Canna One boat combines both modern technologies with a classic design. Feel comfort, ease, wind in your hair, have fun and at the same time build a better, greener world.


Length over all 5,50 m
Width over all 1,94 m
Draft 0,51 m
Discplacement (depending on equipment) ca. 650 kg
Speed max. 25 kn
CE – Category C (coastal waters)
Number of passengers 4 people


Lightweight plant-based laminates provide the unit with weight reduction for better manoeuvrability and economical use of “green energy” accumulated in Li-Ion batteries by the integrated electric drive. The boat’s performance is directly proportional to the innovative solutions used.

Luxurious character and a timeless climate – this is CANNA One. Its classic shape brings to mind luxury and innovative ideas of designers from the twenties of the last century, hiding technology that “kicks the emotions” to the 21st century and at the same time balances freedom, prestige, and the negative impact on the natural environment.

Flax fiber reinforced composites

– better manoeuvrability and economical use of energy by weight reduction
– same strength characteristics
– alternative to traditional composite structures
– increased vibration damping improves comfort and reduces noise
– Improve environmental impact
– CO2 neutral fibre
– Thermal energy recovery within the municipal waste management system at end-of-life

Biobased Resins

– Green building material – made with renewable biological resources
– BPA free
– Low odour
– UV stable
– Corrosion and abrasion-resistant

Electric Engine

Constant readiness for operation. After switching on, it reaches maximum torque. Doesn’t generate pollution for the environment during its operation.

Li-Ion batteries

– no high voltage risk
– Remote System Interface
– State of the art Lithium-Ion battery technology
– safe installation and operation

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